Car Park Social
Friday, March 26

Northbridge Piazza

Hailing from the West Australian town of Esperance, four-piece band Car Park Social know what it means to live on the states edge. Isolated and with a small population, Esperance musicians find themselves thrown into an interesting cauldron of musical ambition, with the resultant original bands a blend of individual influence, Carpark Social is no doubt one of these bands. So what’s in a name? You wouldn’t be mistaken in thinking that an element of the band’s sound is drawn from those hazy Summer afternoons, a cheeky beverage with the lads by the beach as the waves pass by, maybe it’s a laid-back attitude coupled with gritty song writing that captures the bands classic blues rock sound. You know the one, the sound that swims through the cracks and gravel of driveways and carparks throughout regional WA.

So who are our players, Car Park Social is fronted up by Dan Seinor, a quality songwriter with the voice and guitar chops to match, Paul Ricciardo your man of many talents either playing lead or saving your life in the ER. Jon Carlson on drums if he can’t talk you into loving Car Park Social nobody can and Scott White wrangling bass lines for days. Car Park Socials sound is unassuming, ridiculously honest and full of life, which is a direct reflection of the quality of the band’s members. If your renowned for getting down to a classic rock and roll sound, make sure to check them out.