Chip Hazard
Saturday, March 27


Experimental and progressive multi-instrumentalist Chip Hazard is releasing two new tracks from a forthcoming conceptual work that focuses heavily on the catastrophic bushfires that burned through Australia last summer. Combining intricately layered guitar and string arrangements, as well as selected field recordings, ‘Chorus’ and ‘Burn’ are a tonal orientation for the impending LP. Chip Hazard is the atmospheric solo project of Perth musician Chris Young, known also as a resident synth and guitar slinger with local psych rock outfit Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. This release will mark the beginning of Chip Hazard’s second full length album.

Chorus is the opening sequence in a trilogy of interconnected tracks; it orients the listener within the lush sounds of Australian bird calls and instrumental voices that honour the natural orchestra of the bush. Following Chorus’s foreboding turn, Burn is a track rippling with a sense of urgency: delicacy gives way to a post-rock refrain that revels in the awesome magnitude of Australian bushfires. The tracks incorporate traditional indigenous percussive instruments as an homage to the significance of relationships to country, and indigenous land management practices that have always proved paramount in safeguarding our bushland from uncontrollable fire.