Cryot Girl
Saturday, March 27


Cryot Girl ​(pronounced like ​Riot Grrrl​) are a three piece band out of ​Perth, Western Australia​. Fronted by ​Elle Cee​ (​RTRFM 92.1 DJ​,) with ​Nathan Stewart​ (​False Cobra​) on Bass and ​Mark Tabone ​(​HUSSY​, ​False Cobra​) on Drums. Their songs are blatant hard hitting feminist punk, Influenced by 90’s acts like ​Hole​, L​ 7​ and B​ abes In Toyland​ as well as 70’s punk bands such as The Germs​ and ​The Scientists​.

On their second EP ​“​Cultural Treason​”​ due to be released December 18 ​Cryot Girl​ explore the depths of queer desire (​I Love You​) , illness (​Dear God)​ , hypocrisy ​(Industry)​, survival

(Love/Hate​) and fractured relationships ​(Intimidate).​ Produced, mixed and recorded by ​Matty Merkin​ (​MSOL​, ​Dead Jerk​). The EP will be available digitally on ​Bandcamp​ on December 18th as well as on streaming platforms. Pre-order plus one track is up on Bandcamp now.