Echo Adore
Friday, March 26

Badlands Main Stage

Echo Adore ​​​are a two piece consisting of Damian Diggs and Oliver James. The pair have been crafting their brand of gloom pop and melancholy rock; predominantly focused on ideas of isolation, anxiety and love.

Despite only being active for a few months, Echo Adore were already receiving praise for their debut single “Caught In History”, being nominated by WAM in the ‘Pop Song of the Year 2019’ category.

In 2020, a year of great challenges, the band has had to postpone a lot of their release plans and shows until now. With life starting to resume back to normal, Echo Adore started things off with their second release – ‘​​​Indecisions​​​’.

Damian & Oliver perform live alongside James Porteous (drums), Stewart Bank (bass) & Matthew Walsh.