Half Star Hotel
Saturday, March 27


Originating from Perth, Half-Star Hotel is an up and coming indie pop band with songs that are perfect to listen to when you’re up at 3 AM having an emotional moment. Consisting of members; Qayla, who plays the keys and takes the vocal lead; Jordan, with guitar and vocals; Paul on the bass and double bass; and Daniel on the drums. Taking influences from various indie artists such as Bon Iver and Frankie Cosmos, they are working on a repertoire of bedroom pop vibes with a hint of electronic elements that will make you want to close your eyes, relax, and float in space like you’ve got no care in the world.

They have played in infamous venues such as Rosemount Hotel and Mojos Bar. Their latest release, “Self-Reflection” EP is a prime example of a bittersweet journey towards acceptance, a guaranteed enjoyable listen throughout. Catch them on facebook and Instagram for more updates on upcoming gigs and releases.