High Altitude Hebrews
Saturday, March 27


There was once a trio who couqured the streets of Perth. Their music combines the bluesiest to blues and the most evil tones of old school metal with a bit of punk and sludge thrown in. Their rippin’ solos and mad rhythm tracks of Dane, our killer guitarist and crushing leads and slammin’ rhythms of Connor, our second guitarist, complement the groovy basslines of Sam, our bass player and to put the cherry on top of the cake, the vintage inspired fills and brutal, powerhouse of Lachie, our drummer absolutely rocks.

We all sing various songs and different lead parts of songs. Sam screams loud and raspy as hell. Dane screams very low and growls. Lachie is the harmony vocalist and is killer. Connor screams higher than the highest note of his guitar.

The High Altitude Hebrews are an epitome of old school meets modern who originate from the vast institution of the North Metro TAFE. The groovy set will leave you in a state of nolstagia and reminissing in the good times of hard rock in the 60’s and 70’s to the technical playing of today’s modern metal.