Injured Ninja
Saturday, March 27


INJURED NINJA were a noise-punk band from Perth, Australia formed in the dark ages of 2007. They released a bunch of loud abrasive music. Ariana Grande infamously ripped off one of their music videos. No, seriously, google it. They self-imploded somewhere around 2012 after releasing two albums ‘Injured Ninja vs. Skylazer’ and ‘Superluminessence’. After touring the Earth and dealing with arts lawyers, dodgy management and other such industry bullsh*t for a few years they decided that the music business sucked, took a break and went off to do a bunch of other projects including working with and around such names as Empire of the Sun, Kûcka, Usurper of Modern Medicine, Weapon is Sound, Tobacco Rat, Selfless Orchestra…

It’s the year 2020. Where the f*ck did the time go? Well old habits die old, and old ninjas simply don’t die. This year has bought a lot of messed up shit into the world, and guess what? That includes us. Just when you thought things couldn’t be any further FUBAR, Injured Ninja decide to release their first record since 2011 – a five track EP called “TOTAL IMPACT! MAXXX DAMAGE!” and its coming out 27 November, 2020.

Originally, Injured Ninja featured members Steven Alyian, Dominic Pearce, Jake Steele and Matthew Bairstow. With Mr. Steele still hiding out in Melbourne dropping fulltime f*cking bangers in a Rat mask, the remaining three ninjas refined their setup into a traditional power trio. Guitar. Bass. Drums. Amplifying the raw energy at the core of their sound, and leaving the synthesizers behind. Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards. Also, laptops on stage are a pain the ass.