Soukouss Internationale
Scarbs Beach Party
6.40 to 7.30
Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre

‘Lit’ is a word that is often used to describe the live music-and-dance experience that is Soukouss Internationale.

It’s a simple term, but one that strangely evokes something of the multi-layered adventure of this nine-piece outfit that has captured audiences all over WA and compelled them to dance like they never have before.

This multicultural collective of performers showcases the utter infectiousness of high-energy African song and dance. With members hailing from Mozambique, Cuba, Reunion Island, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Zambia, UK, Sierra Leone and Australia, it’s always an authentic, colourful and energetic show celebrating the iconic Congolese musical style known as ‘soukouss’. The guitar solos and percussive rhythms conspire to lift you to the air, while the seductive basslines make sure that your feet are kept dancing on the ground. The vocals and dancing, meanwhile, are pure joy.

‘Soukouss’, by the way, means ‘shake it’. It’s a bootyful thing.