The Liquid Project
Scarbs Beach Party
5.00 to 5.30
Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre

It’s been one year since The Liquid Project started as a band.
In that short time they have played with the likes of Odette Mercy AHSA, The Bambuseae Rhythm Section, Soukouss Internationale, and Queency, and have developed a strong reputation in the Perth local scene as a disco vibing, funk loving, high energy outfit.

They have also used their brief time as a band to champion important causes in the community such as mental health and suicide awareness, and have raised over $2000 for Black Lives Matter, and the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Fund.

Known for their wide ranging ability across genres, and deeply rooted in their love for both Jazz and Pop music, the Liquid Project will be sure to have you swaying, tapping and stomping on the dance floor. “Party Vibes with a Socially Conscious Message”.