Angie Ayers
Presenter (Triple M South West)

Angie Ayers is the breakfast presenter for Triple M Southwest, where Australian music is the lifeblood of the station, but her love of music cemented itself long before this gig. Having worked in radio across WA for the last 8 years she has seen first-hand how live and local music in regional WA brings people together and creates lasting bonds. Through her work at the station formerly known as Spirit Radio Ayers bargained with her music director to showcase an original music track every Friday alongside a gig guide with Nigel Bird from WAM. She has continued that relationship through to her role at Triple M South West and she is committed to continuing to share her love of live and local music with gig guides and one-off plays.

One of her favourite things as a radio presenter is interviewing old school rockers from way back, quizzing the minds that created the tracks that shape our lives while learning about up and comers and finding out where their music comes from and watching it grow.