Daniel “Matsu” Craig
Owner/Operator (Matsu Photography), Freelance Director (Freelance)

Matsu represents a lifelong creative journey led by his inner voice and the enjoyment of visual expression. His visuals are often regarded for their particular expression of colour and light. Matsu brings childlike wonder to his work, and he is always hoping to capture the dragons hiding amongst the clouds.

Across Matsu’s career, there have been many opportunities to express creative freedom, and he has been fortunate to work on a diversity of projects. He has had the humbling experience of working with local arts and music communities, seen his work displayed in Times Square and Rolling Stone (US), published a book (Dust) nationally on the rural culture and landscapes of Western Australia and had a solo exhibition (Osaka Dreaming) that shared with the world an integral piece of his heart, the splendour of Osaka, Japan. He has also been lucky enough to work alongside artists such as Flume, Tame Impala and commercial clients such as UWA and Le Labo (New York).