Skinny O’Leary
Youth Arts and Events Officer & Hyper Coordinator (City of Swan), Manager (Sly Withers, Ursula and Flossy), Founder (SIDEQUEST)

When he’s not writing bios in third person perspective, Skinny O’Leary organises the youth music festival ‘Hyper’ at the City of Swan and manages Sly Withers, Ursula and Flossy. He’s just about to launch a new management / booking / label / thing, which will be announced by the time WAMCon happens. He also likes to cook vegan food, read books, and play in Odlaw, and spends more time coming up with dumb names for his new band than he does practicing guitar. He really needs to play more guitar. He’s easily convinced to talk about sci-fi, grant-writing and other nooks-and-crannies of the music industry.