Sonic Signatures & Psychoacoustics Masterclass

WAM presents an exclusive workshop and Q&A with legendary music producer and engineer Professor Susan Rogers in conversation with Anna Laverty.

Pioneering music producer, engineer, researcher, author and Professor of Music Production at Berklee College of Music, Susan Rogers (US) whose credits include Prince, David Byrne, Tricky and many more, joins one of Australia's best known music producers, Anna Laverty, for this deep dive into the fascinating world of psychoacoustics and sonic signatures in music production.

This session will be discussing ways as musicians or engineers, we can better understand how sound is perceived and will offer useful insights on the various psychological responses people have to music, how sounds are recognised by listeners and offer tips on how producers can effectively utilise psychoacoustics in their practice to influence perceptions. Additionally, the workshop will discuss ways you can define your own unique sonic signature and offer essential advice on protecting your hearing long term, as a producer and sound engineer.

This session is highly recommended for anyone working or studying music recording, mixing or production, and musicians who are interested in improving their home recording techniques.